See You When I See You

by Youth Funeral



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released January 27, 2015

Casey Nealon, guitar and vocals
Mike Ralston, drums
Raph Bastek, guitar and vocals
Travis Fitzgerald, bass and vocals

Recorded, mixed, and mastered in June 2014 by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

Released by Twelve Gauge Records.

Artwork by Matthew Wallenstein.
Logo by Brian Kanagaki.



all rights reserved


Youth Funeral New Hampshire

I am heavenward.

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Track Name: Vultures
The memory of you clings to me like moss to a stone
But it’s parasitic
It’s eaten away the best of me;
I became hollow from the inside out
When will this end?
When will I die?
The bluest light has faded to a grey
Track Name: Confidante
Write down every word
Hide the paper in your head

Paint me a golden sun
And leave out the rest

Leave out the rest
Leave out the rest

You know everything
You know more than me
You know how I love
You know how I'm weak

When they ask you, "What did he see?"
Tell them only the most beautiful things
Track Name: I Remember
I remember when you cried that morning
I remember when we died that morning
Our voices fade into the decades
Blending into a single tragic tone

The future will forget me, but will you?

Please don't forget me
I won't forget you
Track Name: When It Pours
Like I never hoped
Like I never imagined

No arms
No legs
No voice
No tongue

There's no shelter that could keep me dry from all of this rain

Miles away from the ones you love
And there is nothing I could compare
To this feeling of weakness

The noose was tied
The cancer flowers bloom
The world is reminded
How life ends too soon
Track Name: Weak But Warm
Time folds in and time folds out
Sways and overlaps
Why do I love you?
Stars are shaped and reshaped into infinite origami cranes
And we sit on the tip of a single wing
Why am I weak?
I won’t die
Track Name: See You When I See You
Grey and pale
Worn and frail
Bone wrapped in white cloth
Swaying in the wind

There is nothing there
In the cold blue glare
There is nothing there
In the words you swear

See you when I see you