Symptom of Time

by Youth Funeral

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released September 9, 2013

Casey Nealon, guitar and vocals
Mike Ralston, drums
Raph Bastek, guitar and vocals
Travis Fitzgerald, bass and vocals

Recorded, mixed, and mastered in August 2013 by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.

Cover image photographed by Karen MacKoul.



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Youth Funeral New Hampshire

I am heavenward.

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Track Name: Thought Archive
Tomorrow holds such promises; tomorrow holds such unknowns. Maybe our lives will intersect; maybe the story becomes one. Or maybe our lives continue and I just grow more tired. Or maybe the story will end and I can finally rest. I'll never rebuild my thought archive; I'll never rebuild the promises.
Track Name: Lush
Another bed for a phantom limb; cut the ties and remove all bonds. Wave goodbye. Creative heart, creative mind, weighed down by a burden of life. Creative heart, creative mind, self-destructive and fucking tired. I can't get away. Another portrait of the artist as a young corpse.
Track Name: A Dream
1:09 AM. Woken from a dream where you refused to talk to me anymore. I called you to tell you about it; no answer. I left a message and it began to rain. I turn off the light.
Track Name: Lovesick
Can't seem to find the will to face how I feel. Broken sleep, broken dreams. Broken sleep has broken me down. Nights sick with paranoia. Trembling at the thought of your loss. Dreams— black and vile— coat my mind in shade. I'd give anything to be rinsed of this pain. I will never be at peace.
Track Name: New Gospel
Vacant but I'm still trying to fill; too numb to feel. Two more years, two gone by - patterns repeat. As fragile as a flower, as temporary as a thought in your head. Does that sound worth it? Does that sound attractive? Does that sound exciting to you? I ask myself the same questions.